So Begins My 35th Year!

Happy Birthday to me!  Guess who was a bit of a grump on her birthday?  Annie woke up at 3ish and decided to party for about 45 mins.  At that point there was no going back to sleep.  I do not function well without enough sleep.  I typically do not feel older on my birthdays but yesterday kicked my tail!  Good news is that I had an amazing day and now I am fully rested and back to feeling 34 or 24, whatever.  (Definitely not 24!)

20140205-210747.jpgI started the morning out in The Word but Jesus was talking in Matthew about the end times and let’s just say He was not being encouraging.  And did I mention I was in a grumpy mood?  I gave up and enjoyed my donut and coffee.

20140205-210756.jpgI got to work and a sweet friend and co-worker surprised me with a heart-shaped biscuit from Chick-fil-a.  There isn’t much that says “Happy Birthday” like a buttery biscuit

20140205-210805.jpgYou know what does REALLY say “Happy Birthday”?  A beautiful friend sending you a text message of her singing Happy Birthday to you and not holding back!  Love that girl!

20140205-210816.jpg All I really wanted to do when I got home was crawl in the bed, but the cowboy had planned a surprise date night (babysitter and all).  I threw on a little more hairspray, lip gloss, changed my shirt and we were off. It was fun and relaxing and perfect.

20140205-210830.jpgYou know when you get something on your mind and you can’t get it off?  All I really wanted for my birthday was sea salt caramel gelato.  So, we had dessert on the road.  I will say we got a little lost trying to find a Publix near the restaurant.  The Cowboy drives a tractor MUCH better than a car and has terrible road rage frustration.  Just to be clear, he doesn’t make an exception for my birthday. I just sat there in my seat, eating my gelato like it was my birthday and I was all that mattered.

I’m not really sure where I thought I would be at the beginning of my 35th year, but I’m glad I’m here.  I’m not anywhere near where I want to be and for that I really am thankful, stressed at times, but thankful.  Thankful because it’s not over, there is room to grow and where I am now is a-ok with me.


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