Snow is Pretty But Enough of That!

This snow was fun.  A lot of fun.  And I suppose we all need a few days off and some time to run around acting silly and snuggling at home ALL DAY LONG!  Not to be a complete pessimist but we live in the south, one good day of snow every 3 years is perfectly adequate.  And it can wait until at least February.  We JUST got off Christmas break and MLK day and Presidents Day is right around the corner.  Let’s get back to school and to a routine!  But for real, look how pretty the Ponderosa looked…


Beautiful, right?  I was kind of in love!  It was much prettier coming up the drive because off my front porch it looked like this…


But in just a couple of months it will look like this…

springAnd I CAN NOT WAIT!   I have decided what to do to get me through winter.  I am planning the second annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Ponderosa.  While “the Ponderosa” has stuck, that whole Easter Egg hunt title is not so catchy.  Suggestions?  I love Easter.  Everything is blooming and beautiful.  And it is all about new beginnings (or those of you who have let your New Year resolutions fall through. Hand raised!)

But if it weren’t for snow, me and this fun girl would have no idea that old cookie sheets make terrible sleds!


Oh snow!  You are so much fun, but it’s time for a break… a break up


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