Warming Up The Inside

IT IS FREEZING OUTSIDE!  I DO NOT DO COLD WEATHER!  Winter blues are common in my world but this year has been exceptionally crappy.  Not that I’m in an exceptionally bad mood, but this has been a rough winter.  I’m not in a bad mood because sometimes it’s so craptastic it’s funny. Like frozen pipes.  Our pipes have frozen twice so far.  Luckily no bursts, but frozen water is not helpful (unless you are drinking sweet tea or a cocktail).  I have never lived anywhere that pipes freeze, but here I sit.  The cowboy explained to me tonight that we sit on a hill, on a crawlspace without insulated pipes.  We typically leave the water running when it’s cold but sometimes you go tee-tee, wash your hands and turn off the water.  Then you wake up in the morning and you have no water. Ugh! This morning I found out we had no water AFTER I had raw chicken on my hands.  I was putting chicken in a crockpot, I sliced my pinky on an onion and couldn’t make coffee because I had no water.  It was not my finest moment.

20140124-115029.jpgWhile I am very resourceful, I’d rather have running water than boiling ice to brush my teeth and wash my face.

To combat my winter blues I have been finishing my projects on the inside.  My plan for the hall bath (the girls bath) was to paint it neutral and use pink and green accents.  Once I told Amelia we were painting she was set on pink.  I will always remember the name of Amelia’s nursery color because Poetic Princess is such a fun name.  I went right into home depot and ordered a quart of our favorite Poetic Princess by Behr plus a little green spray paint to paint the light fixture and a mirror on clearence.  I think it turned out great!



And, did I mention my most favorite panels were sold out?  My Aunt and I went shopping to look for more and just couldn’t find anything. Tell my why big box stores do not carry any curtains longer than 84″.  I know the trend is to buy older houses and fix them up (at least in my circles anyway). Surely there are more people who are looking for long curtains that doesn’t want to blow their whole renovation budget on 2 window treatments?! Right?!  Anyway, she found these super long tablecloths and I thought they were really pretty.  They are still a little short, but I’m thinking about getting one more and cutting it to make a ruffle at the bottom.  And by that I mean, I will ask my mom to help me learn to use the sewing machine I’ve had for over a year.

20140123-214430.jpgDon’t you think these panels will make doing laundry in the dining room SO much prettier?  Since we have an eat in kitchen, that’s about all we do there.

If I have to stay inside a few more months, let’s at least pretty it up a little!


One thought on “Warming Up The Inside

  1. The Girls Bathroom turned out PERFECT!! And I love your table cloth drapes!
    You can always find remnants of fabric from a box store or fabric store and sew about a 6-12 inch panel/border on the bottom. Because you have so many colors in the curtains, any version of a matching color will work….and it helps give you the length you need! YAY!

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