10 Day Cleanse Leaves Little Spark but Good Guts

We are grumpy grumps on the Ponderosa at the moment.  The man of the house has decided to start a diet (Cheers to New Years!).  To kick start his diet he ordered the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  We have some great friends who believe in the product and I had already thought many times about doing the 10 day cleanse and I LOVE the Spark drink.  When he ordered the 24 I thought “what better time to do the cleanse, I can support the cowboy and clean my guts out.

It’s so funny how your mind works, just as soon as I ordered it I started stressing worrying about what kind of supplements, etc am I putting in my body.  I had already read, asked a ton of questions and felt completely comfortable with these products until it came time to ingest them.  Here’s the funny thing… I am the queen of McDonalds and 99 cent cheese burgers from Wendys.  Do you think I have thought once about what is in all of that processed greasy food?  Never!

So we are on day 5.  Days 3 and 4 were the worst.  I think weekends are much harder because there is no routine and by day 3 the newness is worn off and I was bored of the food I knew I could eat.  I should have spent more of my research time looking for recipes.  There are SO many things you can eat and I love veggies, I just didn’t prepare as good as I should have.  And I do not eat eggs.  That is a big bummer for this plan.  So far we have both done great.  No wine is killing me.  Not that I require it but I sure do enjoy it. Whining without wine is dreadful!  Also, being a grown up and having someone or something telling you that you can not have something you want will just aggravate the mess out of you!  It’s definitely more of a mental thing for me.  AND if I’m honest, I did cave and enjoy one powdered donut yesterday.  I couldn’t help it, it was screaming at me and now I feel so much better!

20140119-205003.jpgThis!  This is what’s working wonders in my guts.  And It was sitting next to the bible but I did scoot it over for this picture.  Because I think you totally need Jesus to get through these 10 days.  We have been short and grumpy with each other and the girls all weekend.  Good thing is that we are getting a lot of practice saying “I’m sorry” and learning about forgiveness. haha

20140119-205015.jpgLook at this pile!  It’s WAY bigger than me!

While some things have been going against us on the inside (the blinds are the wrong size, the curtain panels were sold out…) the outside progress is awesome!  We had so much done and it looks SO good.  I can’t wait for it to get a little warmer so I can plant my beds.  As with any house we still have a lot to do, but we got so much accomplished this week.  Hopefully by Easter, our bodies, minds and the ponderosa will look completely different!


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