Winter Blues

 I start getting the winter blues about this time each year.  Today especially I am really longing for summer.  I mean, look at all the wonderfulness in this picture!


And now look at the weather forecast..Image

Once I pass Christmas I am ready for things to start warming up. Unfortunately, winter is really just starting.  On top of the cold weather we have had way too much rain.  Yuck and yuck!

I try to find things this time of the year I can do to keep my mind off the weather.  I’ve planned vacations, done projects around the house, had babies, etc.  We are still trying to decide if we are going to try Disney this year or next.  I’m thinking next but it is still up in the air.  I am definitely not having a baby so that leaves room for projects.  The hubs and I have a list of things that we still want to do around here.  We have some big plans outside once things warm up but maybe we will focus on the inside for now, starting this weekend!  You think?  Maybe I can talk him into some Saturday fun?  He just told me yesterday I need to pick a room and start on things so maybe.  We continue to look at rugs for the living rooms and really need some thing on our windows.  Blinds, panels, who knows…

One of my goals for the year is to interact more with my girls.  To get on their level and do things with them rather than existing in the house around them.  I was successful doing this today.  Playing is so much more fun when you own a karaoke machine.  We also did puzzles, went on a bear hunt and ate popcorn.  I’m always nervous to set resolutions because I feel like everyone quits by February, but you never know unless you try!


2 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. When it comes to feelings about winter vs summer, we are soul sisters. I think, despite my pasty white skin tone, I was meant for a tropical climate. LOL
    I feel you about the house stuff. I really have a hard time with committing to permanent changes or decor, hence the reason we still don’t have new rugs or curtains after living here 3.5 years.

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